Monday, September 28, 2009

Sony Readers Galore!

As a way to read eBooks, the Amazon Kindle (see Kindle eReaders Galore!) has stiff competition from Sony and its Sony Readers. Here is the Sony PRS-505, shown with the queen of hearts to give an idea of its size:

(The hotlinks above and below take you to reviews of the respective Sony Readers at CNET.)

The PRS-505 is no longer available new from Sony. Here is a link to eBay listings of the device.

Here is Sony's PRS-300 "Pocket Edition" Reader:

The PRS-300 comes in navy blue (shown), rose, and silver.

The PRS-600 "Touch Edition" Reader from Sony looks like this:

The PRS-600 comes in rose (shown), silver, or black. It has no buttons because it uses a touch screen.

Coming in December 2009, the touch-screen Sony PRS-900 "Daily Edition" Reader will look like this:

(The size comparison with the queen of hearts is just a guess on my part, based on knowing that the diagonal measurement of the screen is going to be 7 inches.)

Because it hasn't hit the market yet, CNET hasn't reviewed the PRS-900 as of the date of this post. The hotlink above is to a page at that previews it, and also discusses other Sony Readers.

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