Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hanlin eReaders Galore!

I've covered Kindle eReaders Galore! and Sony Readers Galore!, the eBook readers from industry leaders Amazon and Sony. Now it's time for the Hanlin eReaders from Jinke Electronics.

Jinke doesn't sell these readers under its own brand name. You'll find them under such names as BeBook and EZ Reader.

Here is the BeBook, based on the Hanlin V3:

(The queen of hearts is shown for size comparison. The hotlinks above the images, when present, link to online reviews of the devices.)

Here is the just-introduced BeBook Mini, a.k.a. the Hanlin V5:

As of the date I am posting this, I can as yet find no in-depth reviews of the BeBook Mini/Hanlin V5, which is also sold as the EZ Reader Pocket Pro. The link above is to techie coverage of the device at the MobileRead Wiki.

Here is the Hanlin V9, a large-format eBook reader:

The Hanlin V9 is hard to find on the Web. Here is a comparison between it and the original Amazon Kindle.

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