Wednesday, October 21, 2009

eReaders To Come: Nook by Barnes & Noble

Nook is the name of the new eBook reader from Barnes & Noble:

Due to arrive on Nov. 30, 2009, its touch screen is the same size as that of Amazon's current Kindle 2: 6 inches, measured diagonally. One the Nook, that dimension pertains to the actual reading screen, exclusive of the color touchscreen control bar below the reading area.

Its price is also the same: $259.

The Kindle 2 looks like this:

It has a keyboard made of physical buttons, where Nook has a color touchscreen control bar. That control bar is positioned under a black & white reading screen that uses the same E Ink technology as the Kindle does. Aside from a pair of physical buttons at either side of the Nook reading screen that obviously are used to flip through electronic pages, the Nook lacks controls besides those on the color touch screen itself.

Nook and Kindle both download eBooks wirelessly, Nook using WiFi and Kindle using a cellphone network. They both have enough storage to hold roughly 1,500 books.

You can take PC World's "tour" of the Nook here.

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